Parents and Child




To ensure that care is centered around your individual needs and to establish a relationship founded on mutual trust, let’s get acquainted.


Together, we shall review your experiences throughout pregnancy and the transition to parenthood. I shall get to know your baby and observe his/her adjustment to life as a newborn.


Information shared with me will be considered private and confidential. Your personal needs and privacy are considered of paramount importance.



Thanks to my skills, I will share tips and advices.

I will give you the opportunity to take a step back. With my support, you will realize how much you are doing well. Your mindset will be better as well.



I will sent you a report with every point we discussed. I will give you my expertise in a sensitive and respectful way. Indeed, I encourage you to follow your gut feeling most of the time.

These reports after each consultation will be our common thread throughout the process.


For sleep training consultations, we will work with an action plan. I will be available as much as you need for readjustment during the process.