Baby Cool


Weight and Monitoring the Infant Growth Curve

Concern about the growth curve. Parents often focus on the growth curve and their baby’s potential to progress in parallel with milestones. If you are apprehensive about weight gain, we can review the growth curve, its purpose, and look at where your baby is situated in relation to milestones.



Your baby is unsettled, crying, and you don’t know how to provide relief.

Persistent crying can cause anxiety and lead to a loss of confidence in your capacity to care for your baby.


I can demonstrate how observing your baby and learning to read his/her cues can be one of the most effective ways to understand what your baby needs. Together, we can consider various methods to comfort and soothe your baby during these difficult moments.



Your baby has sleepless nights or has interrupted sleep.  Sleeping is essential for normal development.


I can help you identify the different sleep phases, along with possible factors which may lead to an interrupted sleep, agitation or waking. In addition to this, I can walk you through the best methods to establish the ideal bedtime routine for your baby.


Colic and reflux

Your baby suffers from colic or reflux and you are looking for the most effective solution.


I can provide you with guidance to help alleviate discomfort such as alternative feeding positions favouring digestion, winding your baby, massage techniques to alleviate stomach discomfort, and comfortable and safe positioning bed.


Hygiene and Preventive Health Measures

Are you uncertain about when to venture out for fear that your baby will get sick?

Sometimes it is hard to know what is normal for your baby and when to seek support from a professional such as your doctor.


I can explain and demonstrate the correct hygiene techniques to adopt to ensure that you providing the best possible care for your baby.